Bread exhibition

For a family of 4, the housewife grinds with the hand mill 5-6 hrs a day. That was a drudgery beyond compare. We’re much better off today just turning the hand mill a bit and being happy that the flour doesn’t have to be fine! Special exhibition of the Bibelwelt in Salzburg until 14.9.2023 “LEBENS.KÖRNER […]

Learning about Jewish festivals in a playful way

The Bible World invites you to If you press the right button, then … Only the no, no, no sounds much funnier from the loudspeaker than the big whoop when the question is answered correctly. Then you will find a more detailed explanation on the screen. Fun and knowledge come together in the Judaism Room […]

Creation narrative

The Bibelwelt

Eight roll-ups on the creation narrative in Genesis 1.“SIEBEN.TAGE – Schöpfungsbilder” consists of 8 roll-ups (1 m wide and 2 m high), which can very well be fetched by a car. The traveling exhibition is self-standing, can be easily set up and is also well suited for church rooms, e.g. also for the ecumenical Creation […]

Paul exhibition On the road for freedom

Paul foot exhibition

The Paulus Experience Exhibition The Paulus exhibition is available from 30m² in a small version and from 60m² in a large version: The centerpiece is a 7 by 4.5m map, with 10 treasure chests, 6 hanging tents on two trusses and many extras LEARN MORE

Birth of the Bible

The Birth of the Bible” consists of 20 very light fabric panels (50 cm wide, 65 cm high) that can be very well sent by mail. Needed 22 linear meters. LEARN MORE

CREATION DAYS on the occasion of 5 ½ years of Bibelwelt – As part of ORF Museum Time 3-10.10.2020

Bibelwelt Station

A) SEVEN.DAYS. – Karl Weiser’s Creation Cycle in Salzburg’s PlainstrasseSpecial exhibit at St. Elizabeth Church from 4/10/20 to 6/1/21, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Opening by mayor deputy Bernhard Auinger on 3.10.2020, 18:00, Bibelwelt, Plainstraße, 42 A | 5020 SalzburgIn cooperation with the Katholisches Bildungswerk Salzburg – St. Elisabeth, supported by the Weiser family, the Department […]

Jonah – The way to myself

The new permanent exhibition part of the Bibelwelt Salzburg covers 100 square meters and focuses on the prophets in general and the prophet Jonah in particular. In a big ship and as “JonaKATER” in front of Nineveh the visitors experience what it means to announce as a prophet the “turning of the city of Nineveh”.Visit […]

FruchtWeckRuf campaign – How to give joy and support the Bible world

We want to make the Bible World even better known and need your help to do so in the form of a high-profile campaign that attracts attention. Since posters and flyers alone hardly reach the people, we ask you to start a “FruchtWeckRuf www.bibelwelt.at” in your place during this time of fruits. Here’s how we […]

Cribs from around the world

Preliminary info: Opening “CRIPTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD” and READING Willibald Feinig “The Passage “Little Child – Great God Press release Bible World. Experience being human. Understanding Humanity. Salzburg, 7.10.21 CRIBS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD – Little child – Big God On November 6, 5 p.m. the 11th special exhibition “CRIPTS FROM ALL […]

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