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Opening hours

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-18:00
  • Sundays and holidays 11-18:00
  • Last admission 17:00
  • Special opening hours 10-13:00

    24.12 | 31.12 | Good Friday

  • Closing days

    01.11 | 25.12 | 1.1 | Easter Sunday | Pentecost Sunday


Tours & Offers


  • Jonah and the big fish
  • How Jesus learned to believe – Judaism
  • Through Darkness into Light – Celebrating Easter with Jesus

50 min

  • Jonah and the big fish (elementary school)
  • How Jesus learned to believe – Judaism
  • Death and resurrection
  • Discovering the fullness of life with Jesus
  • Paul: a man stakes everything on Jesus
  • How the Bible was created and written on scrolls (Exile)
  • The world of the Romans

Tours can be adapted to the curriculum.

Take advantage of the offer of a school partnership: here

60 min

  • Experience the book of books
  • Jesus and his environment
  • Paul and the young church
  • The birth of the Bible: the exile
  • Woman and Bible
  • From the mercy of God
  • From the Spirit Power of God
  • God’s Word in People’s Words – Understanding the Bible “Correctly
  • From papyrus to castor bean bush – guided tour of the Bible Garden (mid-May to September)
  • Judaism
  • World and environment of the Bible
  • The world of the Romans

Guided tour topics also result from the respective Special exhibitions

Bibelwelt supports the pastoral work of all Christian denominations. It informs members of other religions and people without confession about the cultural asset Bible.

When planning for groups* from Christian parishes, please keep the following target groups in mind:

  • Children’s, First Communion, Youth, Confirmation, Family, Women’s & Seniors’ groups.
  • Bible, prayer, liturgy, social circles, PGR, choirs
  • Multipliers: table mothers, confirmation helpers, youth group leaders, etc.
  • Operation output of your parish team

Experiential Bible tours for parish groups can be well complemented with:

  • Church and monastery tours: Cathedral, Franciscan, Capuchin, Silent Night places, etc.
  • Cultural excursions: Traklhaus, University Library, Advent Concert, etc.
  • Spiritual family hikes / pilgrimages / pilgrimages: Mülln, Maria Plain, etc.
  • Leisure excursion: Salzburg Dult, Rupertikirtag, Christkindlmarkt, etc.

Conceivable are also:

  • Reflection day in the Bible World
    – with own speaker
    – with Rev. Heinrich Wagner or Dir. Dr. theol. Eduard Baumann
  • Bible world with subsequent meeting / retreat of church committees
    The parish hall of St. Elisabeth can be well used for a subsequent meeting.
    Due to the proximity to the main station, it is also suitable for the Austrian level.

We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities associated with the Salzburg Bible World.

*Parish groups from Bavarian dioceses please note the diocesan specific regulations for travel.

For publications and invitations you will find here some short texts about the bible world as graphics for download.

Bring the world of the Bible to your place. The following exhibitions can be borrowed for a rental fee:

  • Expedition Bible – The small mobile predecessor of the big Salzburg Bible World.
    Learn more: here
  • Paul: On the road for freedom.
    Learn more: here
  • The Birth of the Bible: The Babylonian Exile.
    Learn more: here
  • Creation Narratives: From the Beginning of Beginnings in the Bible
    Learn more: here

Interested parties please contact, +43 (0)676/ 8746 7080