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Bibelwelt lives – supported by biblical confidence – entirely from the generosity of many volunteers and donors. Become a Bibelwelt Partner or a Bibelwelt Ambassador.

This is how you can support us:

organize a trip to the Bibelwelt with your friends / colleagues
possibly on the occasion of a family anniversary, birthday, company outing (evening openings are possible.)

  • distribute our advertising folders / posters in your place / in your parish / in your company
  • share our website in your media
  • establish contacts with media, sponsors, cooperation partners and donors, here we have information and media for download
  • mediate advertising space: We are happy to provide filler ads and advertising copy about the Bibelwelt for club info, parish bulletins, community newspapers, newsletters, hotel post news, etc.
  • Action: Fruit wake-up call – Fruits that remind us

sponsoring in the Austrian association “Bibelwelt”: annual membership fee € 33,-.
sponsoring in the German “Deutscher Förderverein der Bibelwelt in Salzburg e.V.”,

  • Giving away Bibelwelt vouchers for admissions or purchases in the Bibelwelt store
  • Shopping in the Bibelwelt Shop
  • Actions: “Old money” – Shilling and D-Mark for the Bibelwelt
  • Donation, bequest
  • Or click directly on this Button and donate with credit card and Paypal

volunteer at the cash desk, in the workshop or in the office.

Become a volunteer

Bibelwelt Ambassador

Spontaneous contact with people

Bibelwelt Companion

for the supervision of the cash desk, the store and the visitors

Bibelwelt accompaniment

Spontaneous contact with people

Bibelwelt ear wearer

More info at Apply Now!

Helpers for the Bibelwelt Office

For more information, see Apply Now!

Bibelwelt Helpers

in the Bibelwelt workshop

Bible Garden Caretakers

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