Experience being human
Understand being human

Discovering the treasure of the Bible ...

…enter the world of the Bible, up close, on 700 m² of play, excitement and adventure for young and old.

… through a room of roots, through a scroll plunge into the past times of the Ancient Near East, in which the Bible was born, as the Holy Scripture of Judaism and Christianity.

You will walk through a world of experience that will surprise all your senses. You make acquaintance with

  • the Hebrew script
  • the world of the prophets
  • the journey of the prophet Jonah in an adventurous ship especially designed for children, big fish and the scary “skyline” of Nineveh
  • the world of Judaism at the time of Jesus and Paul
  • the emergence of Christianity in the Roman Empire of antiquity
  • the penetrating criticism of the prophetesses and prophets
  • the stunning humanity of the itinerant preacher Jesus of Nazareth.
  • The arduous missionary work of Paul and other disciples of Jesus

In a further expansion step, you will also learn what the Bible and the Koran have in common and what separates them.

For all ages

For children from 3 years, teenagers and adults. For those who are religious, interested in a foreign culture or artistic. For people who want to deepen their faith

We offer

Audio guide for children, teenagers and adults: also on the net via smartphone at: here and here

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5 minutes walk from Salzburg main station (travelers of the Westbahn and BRB get a discount on the entrance fee). Trolleybus line no. 6 / "Plainschule" stop

2 minutes walk from Fanny-von-Lehnert Straße 7, 5020 Salzburg (parking discount available by postcard at Bibelwelt) Buses use the bus parking lot Autobahn Nordabfahrt (4 minutes drive).